3M Questions & Answers for Consumers for 3M™ Architecture Market Solutions

Di-Noc™ is a self adhesive flexible laminate film which is ideal for resurfacing and refurbishing hard, smooth surfaces. The product installs quickly and produces maximum results when transforming existing surfaces. It can be used to cover reception areas, doors, elevators, hallways, etc. DI-NOC's ability to mould around complex shapes means it can be used for curved and rounded profiles.

Di-Noc™ has a number of key advantages:

  1. Di-Noc™ gives you more options - it offers unlimited creative flexibility and architectural freedom.
  2. Di-Noc™ is quick to install -reduced labour costs.
  3. Di-Noc™ preserves your existing substrates - no replacement costs.
  4. Di-Noc™ is good for your environmental policy -fittings and fixtures don't end up in landfill sites and you don't incur disposal costs.
  5. Installation is clean and quick...minimal downtime means your facilities are back up and running quickly.

Di-Noc™ has been used in Asian markets for over 20 years to decorate 5 star hotels, major department stores in shopping complexes, offices, condos and restaurants. Its popularity is due to a number of factors including the range of colours, textures, patterns and its conformability.

Di-Noc™ has 21 category product ranges including: wood grains, fine woods, metallic finishes, solid colours, carbon fibre, marble, leathers, sandstone and many more exciting finishes.

Di-Noc™ offers a cost effective and creative solution to many decoration, refurbishment and resurfacing projects. It has successfully been used in many market segments including retail, commercial, marine, hospitals, hotels and condominiums.

Di-Noc™ is resistant to abrasion, staining, chemicals and complies with flammability standards for buildings. In addition, the solid colour series has an antibacterial property making it an ideal choice for health care facilities, dental offices, hospitals and public schools.

  • Use commercially available synthetic detergent. Avoid using organic solvents or strong detergents that are either highly alkaline (pH>11) or acid (pH<3).
  • Use a soft cloth or cleaning sponge. Do not use sponges or cleaning cloths that contain abrasive materials.
  • After cleaning, wash off all remaining detergent with water.
  • Moisture that has penetrated wallboard will destroy the application surface when graphics are removed.
  • For heavy dirt accumulation use detergent and water at a temperature range of 70oC – 80oC. In extreme situations diluted 3M Film Cleaner may be used.
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