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Bringing innovative, cost effective solutions to the yachting industry

We supply and install long lasting, creative finishes to transform and protect any vessel both inside and out. Economical, attractive and fully customisable, vinyl wrapping offers a fast and durable solution to boat maintenance, refurbishment and improvement. Whether you’re looking to customise with a unique colour change or graphic design, protect your yacht’s exterior and interior from the elements or undertake a total refurbishment project, we can develop a unique solution for you using the latest and most technologically advanced products, coupled with the expertise of our team of designers and installers.

Hull Wrapping & Colour Change

When car wrapping was at its peak of popularity with the slogan “why spray it when you can wrap it” this durable and cost effective colour change soon became popular with the yacht industry and it is one of the most popular services we provide. It’s a competitively priced option when compared to repainting and comes in at just a third of the cost. Hardwearing, and lasting approximately six to eight years, a hull wrap is a fast, total transformation with the added benefit of protecting your yacht from the elements. We only use the highest quality vinyl materials by 3M, a trusted brand and the choice of professionals the world over. Available in a variety of colours and textures, and in gloss, matte or satin finishes, it’s also removable without causing damage to the original paint surface.

Interior Refurbishment

Whether you are looking to add unique details to any surface or simply refurbish a tired looking interior, this is now possible and cost effective with the use of specialised vinyl materials (3M DINOC) available in a wide variety of finishes from marble and stone to wood and leather textures. We can wrap virtually any solid substrate, from bulkheads, walls and ceilings, to navigation stations, furniture and panels. It’s an ideal solution to renovating surfaces whilst adding protection from wear and tear. Increase the lifespan and value of your marine interior!

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Wherever you have a need for surface protection both large and small - 3M Paint Protection Film is the solution. It can be used to protect your boat’s original colour from the harsh environmental elements at sea as well as protecting exterior and interior areas prone to scratches and abrasions such as hulls, decks, steps, fender contact areas or dinghy scuff areas. The application of PPF to the waterline (scum line) also prevents the build-up of unsightly stains on the hull, reducing maintenance and making cleaning easier. This optically clear film is highly unnoticeable once installed and has many uses both exterior and interior, and if you damage it, it’s easily removed and replaceable. Helps retain the residual value of your yacht.

Sun Protection Window Films

Reducing glare and fading, 3M sun protection films are an ideal way to prevent damage to your vessel’s interior surfaces and fabrics. It’s a simple step towards blocking a large percentage of UVA and UVB rays, the main contributing factors to fading and can drastically cut heat gain and sun glare, keeping temperatures stable all year round. Sun protection window films additionally improve privacy for you and your possessions whilst adding a touch of style too. Cost effective and easy to install, choose from a wide variety of films depending on your request.


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